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If you are a City Corporate Company or individual looking for a services provider to help get you or your employees into work by bicycle, great – you have come to the right place.

About CityCycleCommuting

The heart of CityCycleCommuting is active travel.  The Covid-19 pandemic has generated unprecedented challenges for City businesses, employees and anyone that needs to travel to London.  Not least, how you and your key employees can travel to your City office in a way that allows transit safely while protecting the environment and reducing the pressure on public transport.

What we do

We uniquely provide a full range of services designed to guide you in your cycle commute to work competently, safely and with confidence.

CCC Forum

Become part of the London cycling community, learn the hints and tips and share experience with your fellow commuters.

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Case Study

28 Mile Round Commute to the Shard

Dawn has been on enforced working from home since the Covid-19 full scale lockdown on 23 March 2020 and is a recreational and club cyclist. Dawn will be returning to work at their London office in September and has chosen to commute the 28 mile return route to work by…
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