What a great time to be a cyclist in London ?

Making the most of the cycling boom.

You can’t fail to have noticed the boom in cycling that has risen from the Covid-19 pandemic. Bikes have sold out, bike mechanics are fully booked for months and families have enjoyed rediscovering their love of the great outdoors whilst keeping within lockdown rules. If Active Travel wasn’t a priority to the Government before, it is now. And the great news is that the Transport Secretary has set aside £2bn to improve infrastructure to allow the citizens of the UK to move around freely and safely.

Everywhere you look there are cyclists, on a huge variety of bikes, proving that there is a bike in everyone. Parents working at home have encouraged their kids to cycle and have enjoyed the joy of the outdoors.

When it comes to cycling to work, most people are reluctant to do so for safety reasons and lack of infrastructure. Well the great news is the rapid installation of cycle lanes and other safety measures to help people move around freely, easily and safely has meant that there has never been a better time to cycle.

Already you will have seen the health benefits both physical and meantl of cycling and you will have enjoyed breathing cleaner air than of late. The new way of life requiring social distancing has made cycling an easy choice for many.

Dedicated cycling routes are springing up at the blink of an eye, the weather is great, the days are long and you may not want to use public transport. You will feel great, see the world around you in a different light, save money and doing your bit for the environment – so what are you waiting for ?