28 Mile Round Commute to the Shard

28 Mile Round Commute to the Shard

Dawn has been on enforced working from home since the Covid-19 full scale lockdown on 23 March 2020 and is a recreational and club cyclist.

Dawn will be returning to work at their London office in September and has chosen to commute the 28 mile return route to work by bike.

City Cycle Commuting has provided the following services to Dawn:
⦁ Consultation on Dawn’s requirements.
⦁ Discussion on potential routes and route design.
⦁ Three accompanied 121 rides to/from the office.
⦁ In ride coaching and ride skills advice, including what to carry on the bike.
⦁ Review on final route.
⦁ Ebook on cycle commuting to work.
This is what Dawn has to say.

“Although I have been a club cyclist for some time, I was nervous about cycling to work to my office in London, both because of the distance and using unfamiliar busy roads and junctions. Working with Nadjie Butler at City Cycle Commuting has given me the confidence to be ready to go back to work by bike. I particularly enjoyed having the accompanied rides and in ride advice and coaching. I’m excited to be choosing active transport, helping the environment and not placing addition pressure on public transport”