Our Cycle Commute Services

How we can help your Cycle Commute programme

Our services provide an end-to-end set of commute options to suit everyone, whatever their cycling ability. This includes, but not limited to, 121 skills sessions, cycle route design and accompanied commute rides.

Cycle Commute Services

Whatever your commuting need we have a range of services and signposting to help you.

Individual Assessment

Each employee who joins the company cycling commute program will have an individual assessment and tailored set of services.

121/Group Coaching Skills

Providing skills training for cycle commuting on a 121 or group basis.

Commute Cycle Route Design

An individual route designed which will be the optimum route to the office making best use of cycling friendly roads and new infrastructure.

Commute Route Dry Run

Depending on the need, a minimum of one accompanied dry run to/from the office on the designed route is recommended. A basic bike check and route advice for safety will take place before, during and after the commute. A post ride review will also take place following the dry run and amendments made as necessary.

Commute Route Wet Run

Depending on the need (and weather !), one accompanied wet run to/from the office on the designed route is recommended. Skills coaching and route advice will take place before, during and after the commute particularly around riding in wet weather conditions.

Discovery Consultation

 An exploratory free consultation and discussion with you which will cover an understanding of your individual or employee landscape followed by a tailored proposal that meets your needs

CCC Forum

Become part of the London cycling community, learn the hints and tips and share experience with your fellow commuters.

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